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“If you are genuinely interested in game development, there is no better way to spend your summer. Here you’ll be surrounded by other geeks who share your passion, and you are provided well equiped facilities . Even if you don’t have previous experience, don’t be afraid to attend – that’s what the coaches and co-students are for!”

Santeri Imberg, 22, Information and
Communications Technology student from Helsinki

“The best thing in summerstudies was working with the other students. Everyone was motivated to do a good job and make a good game. Getting to spend time and play games with others was also a blast.”

Shawn Lee, 19, Digital
Entertainment Technology
student from Singapore

KAMK's long-term goal is to develop full game development programs (BBA and Masters) with Andhra Pradesh universities. Summer course is the first step and a part of this plan.


Game development studies provided by KAMK emphasise on the company perspective, where students create their own start-ups or join others while developing. Although creating a company is optional, there has been notable success for student companies from the university, such as Critical Force and Evocat Games.


Programming, graphics, design and production taught at the summer course are not limited to the gaming industry. Students will acquire the basic skills to set up a game development business.

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